Leftover Recipes

Time-Tested Tips from Granny how to make a good meal out of what you found.

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Published on 2009-10-19

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Meat Left-Overs

Slice the left-overs into small, thin strips, then blend them into a meat salad together with hard-boiled eggs, mustard, finely chopped chives, onions, capers, vinegar and oil. Season with hot chili pepper or cayenne for more zest.

What to do with left-over mashed potatoes? 

You can turn them into a creamy potato soup. Take some ready-made vegetable broth, add a dash of cream, then season with fresh marjoram. Depending on what else is on hand, toss in some diced carrots or leeks. Nearly everybody likes them.

Left-Over Veggies

Sauté them in a pan, pour a well-beaten egg over the mix, let it set. A one-two-three veggie tortilla. Garnish with salad—yummie.

Some sausages left over?

Slice them up into small circles, steam them together with onion rings and vegetables—you’ve now got a fabulous topping or filling for hearty pies.

Old Rolls

They don’t always have to end up as breadcrumbs. Soak them in milk, press them out carefully, coat them in egg batter and breadcrumbs (you can sacrifice 1 roll for this), then fry the pieces in a pan. Season with cinnamon and sugar, serve with apple sauce. They’re called French Toast, and children aren’t the ony ones who crave them.

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