10 Tips for reducing food waste

Entry from the blog “always order dessert” by Alejandra Ramos, where she gives tips about how to reduce food waste.

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Published on 2010-01-21

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Most people know following situation: Sometimes while cleaning out your freezer or fridge you may find some already spoiled food or food that doesnt look that tasty or fresh anymore. Maybe you bought it some while ago but somehow it ended up down in the depths of the freezer or of the fridge.

Alejandra Ramos, a blogger from NYC made this and other food wasting experiences several times and thought about some solutions which could avoid this waste of food. So she posted an entry in her blog Always Order Dessert, which is named 10 Tips for reducing food waste:

  1. Store vegetables or fruits in air-tight bags or containers in your fridge
  2. Store food in your freezer to make it last for months or even a year
  3. Think like a retro housewife and use recipts for leftovers more often
  4. Learn how to make some new delicious meals out of (for example) overripe bananas for example
  5. Also try to use even the last drop/leftover of something like marmelade, it maybe can spice up old recipts.
  6. Do a weekly check on your fridge and cupboard to avoid forgetting soon spoiled food.
  7. Get a system into your pantry and store things like sugar, flour, pasta and others in durable labeled containers
  8. Keep a “reverse” grocery list to check which stuff you already have at home, also check up your pantry before grocery shopping!
  9. Or try a “guilt list” where you mark out everytime you throw away spoiled food - at the end of the month you can see what food you shouldnt buy that often in future.
  10. Before shopping, check up your pantry for things you have quite often in there and if it wouldnt be better to use those things for cooking at first.

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