Leftovers Cookbook by Stop Wasting Food movement

By March 7th, Denmark will get a Leftovers Cookbook by Stop Wasting Food movement - including Danish top chefs and celebrity food personalities.

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Published on 2011-02-20

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Stop Wasting Food movement´s own Leftovers Cookbook ‘Stop spild af mad - en kogebog med mere’ with Danish top chefs and celebrity food personalities Francis Cardenau, Katrine Klinken, Camilla Plum, Thomas Rode Andersen and Suhrs Food Academy will be published on March 7th by Denmark’s biggest publishing agency Gyldendal.

In the book, there are also advices on less food waste by top politicians Poul Nyrup Rasmussen (former Danish PM), Lone Dybkjær (former Danish First Lady), politicians Anne Baastrup, Line Barfod, Bente Dahl, Ida Auken, Frank Jensen, Anker Boye, Marion Pedersen, Henrik Høegh (Danish Minister of the Food and Fishery), Karen Ellemann (Danish Minister of the Environment), Dan Jørgensen, Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard, Helge Adam Møller, Charlotte Dyremose, Ulla Tørnæs, Ole Hækkerup, Naser Khader, Bertel Haarder, Gitte Seeberg, Eva Kjer Hansen and Jens-Peter Bonde.

ISBN-10: 8702101521 ISBN-13: 9788702101522 DK5: 64.1

Pre-order our book here (the book is in Danish and yet not translated):


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