Philosophy on why we choose not to change.

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Published on 2012-04-21

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Eco-activist Waste

Dear internet world,

Your actions has consequences and so your actions as rewards. Changing lifestyle to meet the dire need of a sustainable future is something every Westerner should be aware of. But why change?..

I believe that the only way to change is to feel the NEED to change.  To actually be WILLING to reduce consumption, since consumers are the number one reason for most of the environmental degradation happening worldwide. As consumers let’s send a message to corporations wanting them to reduce as well. But it starts with US, what we want is what corporations will in the end provide. 

Walking around my neighborhood all I see is trash. Now have we degraded ourselves so much to the point that we became accepting of the living conditions we have set ourselves with?  The answer should be clear, not I. I personally want to live in an environment where the community can rise together and make a change.

Now if you did read this, make a change- don’t litter and for god sake be careful on what you induce whether it’s food wise, personal products or even cleaning products.

So why not?  What is stopping you on not wanting to reduce your consumption?

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