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A better world with unlocked dumpsters. That’s what I would wish for. Or even better, a world where no dumpsters are needed anymore, at least not for food. I’m a dumpster diver and this is my story and my goal…

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Published on 2012-09-05

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Welcome to the dumpster dive project - Think about your buying behavior!

That’s a headline I would like to see on flyers and posters in my university soon. Until then it is still a lot of work to do but with a goal in mind, we are getting there. I have been able to just live out of the dumpster for a year now. In case I needed some “special” ingredients, I just return deposit bottles and bought the items from that money. I would consider Denmark as a paradise for dumpster divers since the shops are making sure that none of their containers looks like a mess inside, plus it is not illegal (but neither legal). On the other hand that means that there are tons of food which are wasted every year. I would love to change something by raising the awareness of this problem and making the people think about their buying behavior. Are the products with a dent in the tin really worse than the ones in the perfect looking tin? Do shops have to throw away a bag of oranges when one out of ten gone bad? And can’t shops just leaving all dumpsters unlocked - dumpster divers will anyway not buy fancy avocados or salmon plates in your shop, but are happy to find them in the dumpster.

That is why I’m looking for ideas, support other experiences or project of how to change something, who to get involved with and experiences and recommendations. If you have any of those I’m more than happy to hear them. Have a look at my blog which I will now update every week with my news “catches” and experiences. (thedumpsterdiveproject.wordpress.com)

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