What’s Cooking in Berlin

Cook and Connect! Workshops, dinnerviews and a whole lot of culinary love.

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Published on 2013-02-22

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What´s Cooking in Berlin

Through our project we want to offer creative cooking workshops, where the participants are inspired to cook delicious, healthy and affordable food, while making new connections and unexpected friends. We will share our best tips about smart grocery shopping, the artistry of reinventing left overs, and how to find the fun and love in everyday cooking.

In a wider perspective, the workshops are about reducing food waste, and being more mindful of how we can approach food and cooking with more respect for our collective as well as our individual resources.

For a visual presentation and to find out more about the project, please take a look at our crowdfunding campaign.

We are looking for participants, supporters and collaborators to be a part of our project. Questions? Want to sign up for a workshop? We look forward to hearing from you.

See you in the kitchen!

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