FOOD SAVERS - Premiere on German TV

The sequel production of Valentin Thurn about the pioneers among food savers. A multi-faceted film about people and companies throughout Europe who take the food waste challenge.

ARD, Monday, 13th May 2013, 10:45 – 11:30 p.m.
(ARD is the first channel of German public TV)

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Published on 2013-04-15

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This is the story of people who are fighting for a different way to deal with food. Farmers, supermarket executives, cooks, design students and completely normal households: all at their points in the production chain, in the course of which over half the food is still being thrown away. They are fighting for a new appreciation of food, an appreciation that, piece by piece, has gone by the wayside in recent years. Their examples raise the question: Why is it so difficult to counteract this waste of food? We analyze each point of the production chain, why throwing away even pays off from a purely business management point of view, yet poses a catastrophe for the environment and for feeding the world. And what kinds of approaches toward solutions make sense. The commentary pursues the basic issue: If politics and society have already formulated the clear-cut goal to stop food waste, then why is it so hard to make this goal a reality? At the end of the film the insight should arise that the situation deals with a ‘task of the century’, a state of affairs that can only be brought to a halt in our system of doing business when economic pressure is built up in the direction of waste prevention.

Author and director: Valentin Thurn Camera: Frank Kranstedt Editor: Birgit Köster Sound: Marcel Lepel Music: Peter Aufderhaar Research: Susanne Blech, Yvonne Miehlke Assistant editor: Sina Holzberg Production manager: Susanne Blech, Eva Becker Producer: Astrid Vandekerkhove Commissioning editor: Angelika Wagner (WDR), Andrea Ernst (WDR), Dirk Neuhoff (NDR) A production of SCHNITTSTELLE Film and THURN Film in coproduction with WDR and NDR World sales: Globalscreen, Munich

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