Food waste reduction application for Consumer, Catering & Restaurant

The WASTE COACH is a global oriented awareness product which helps to reduce CO2 emission and the waste of food.
The WASTE COACH web application is designed to register food waste. The user could be a consumer or a business who uses ingredients and sell food like a restaurants or catering companies.
Using this information to alter work and buy-in processes, the consumer, owner / chef-cook can reduce the amount of waste and with that his Ecological Footprint.

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Published on 2015-05-06

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5 years ago I came up with the idea to create a tool to help reduce food waste in professional kitchens and food selling points like restaurants. From that point on we developed a framework usable for a variety of versions like the licensed gastronomy version, the free consumer version and (currently in development) the education version.

Waste Coach is a web based application which allows the user to register food waste based in product categories (like fresh meat & poultry) and product items (like T-bone steak and veal). all product items have weight, purchase amount and sales price options available so this information can be used in the graphics. All registered food waste is real time available in reports/graphics for the user to become more aware of the food they waste.

The Waste Coach web application is available in a free consumer version (with a smaller detail level of registration) and a licensed gastronomy / catering version.

Because reduction of food waste is a global problem we are currently working on international awareness and are we searching for resellers / ambassadors to help us deploy this web application worldwide. At this time the Waste Coach is available in languages; Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, French and English.

Please visit http://waste-coach.eu for more information and registration.

Kind regards,

Ted Janzen

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